Digital Marketing taining


Digital Marketing Course :

Traditional old way of selling products are no longer enough to sustain business success; digital tools and digital marketing techniques are now an essential component of any efficient product selling strategy, and are revolutionizing sales and prospecting. Syntel media is a leading Digital Marketing Institute in Bangalore and our Digital Marketing Trainer guide you with digital tools and social media platforms through your convenient hours of comprehensive learning. You can be benefited by:
• Acquire more qualified prospects to drive more sales using digital marketing
• Reduces lead times
• Nurture your leads more effectively
• Increases overall conversion rate
• Build strong online relationships ensuring client satisfaction and repeat custom.


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) Training Course :

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the boon used to describe the latest marketing technique of preparing your web site to enhance its chances of being highly ranked in the top results of a search engines. Our SEO Courses Bangalore provides you with a comprehensive learning & understanding of SEO principles and demonstrates how to implement these seo techniques and start to get your website to be #1 on Google.


Objectives & Outcomes of our SEO courses :

After attending SEO Courses Bangalore, the participants will have a clear idea of what they have to operate to implement an excellent SEO marketing strategy for your business. You will absolutely understand how Google and the other search engines operate by their loops and be in a position to start the process of getting your running website to be #1 ranked in Google.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) :

SEM advertising campaigns will allow you to maximize your company’s online visibility on key search engines. This course from Syntel Media a popular Digital Marketing Institute in Indira Nagar will clearly explains how to set-up Google AdWords accounts, marketing campaigns, bids per keyword, search volume tracking etc, that are compelling in SEM. Our experts show you how to develop and manage your Google campaigns while increasing your click through rates (CTR’s) and decreasing your advertising budgets.

You will be taken through a live sessions to set up your own campaign. Search Engine Marketing If you have either underperforming campaigns or you simply want to get more out of your current AdWords budget, then this course & it its recommended by Digital Marketing Institute in Indira Nagar solely for you. Syllabus are well Prepared and delivered by certified AdWords Experts and they will be explaining you to optimize your campaigns, reduce your money spend and get the most out of your advertising campaigns spend.


PPC Training Course:

As a leading Digital Marketing Institute Domlur with the courses of ppc management You will learn what’s involved in ongoing AdWord campaign running/ management, you will find out how to set your approximation of budget and how to write compelling advert copy. We will take you through all of the essentials of keywords planning, ads implementing and managing your successful PPC campaigns.


Objectives & Outcomes:

At the end of this ppc course from Digital Marketing Institute Domlur, you will clearly gear up Pay per Click advertising works and how you can take advantage of this advertising ppc option.


Email Marketing :

Email Marketing is still one of the popular effective forms of digital marketing thanks to the powerful reporting tools available to media marketers. Email marketing course from Digital Marketing Institute MG Road of Syntel media will clearly explains how to do permission-based email marketing and it plays an integral part in digital marketing that increase customer reach and sales conversions.


Objectives & Outcomes:

After attending this course from Syntel Media, Digital Marketing Institute MG Road, the participants will have idea of clear understanding of how to design email letters, create and implement successful email marketing campaigns for business.


Social Media Marketing (SMM):

Social media has boomed to be one of the primary communication channels spread on internet. It has also become an essential marketing tool to many businesses in their digital marketing strategies. As a leading Digital Marketing Institute Marathahalli our experts will teach you all of the essential technical skills needed to excel as a social media marketer.
Topics Covered in SMO training –
• Introduction to social media marketing
• Marketing content creation
• Content out reaching
• Strategy and Planning
• Marketing implementations in facebook, pintrest, linkedin, youtube etc


Web Analytics :-

Your digital marketing will only gets effective as you learn the analytical insights derived from online activities. The web Analytics course from Digital Marketing Institute in Koramangla guides you throughout web analytics and other traffic sources to better understand the website visitor characteristics and behavior happening behind. You will learn the most important and appropriate metrics and how to use them improve your digital marketing activities.


Reporting & Analysis:-

This is a very interactive sessions, practical module which will help you to understand better about your website analytics. We our trainers will explain how to get actionable insights from the traffic to your website, so that you can improve design and optimize your traffic.


Objectives & Outcomes

After attending this course from Digital Marketing Institute in Koramangla, participants will have a clear idea of how to track and monitor the online traffic. Using this wide information, you should be able to update your marketing campaigns periodically to drive more traffic to your business


Content Marketing:-

If you need to accelerate your content marketing skills and increase its impact, Syntel media can help you. As a Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore our Training and Certification program provides you with must-know content marketing strategies, tactics of writing best contents & practices you can use to build a strong foundation for your content marketing skills. As we are the leading Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore provides convenient hours of content learning focused on seven key areas:
1. Planning content
2. Audience analysis
3. Story off
4. Channels to promote
5. Process content
6. Conversation of content
7. Success Measurement


Online Branding and Lead Generation

Syntel media’s Brand Training is well planned & designed to help you understand the potential of your organization goal, products or services to get popularized. Our Digital Marketing Trainer can prove valuable independently or as part of a new branding skills

The Branding training is the most key element of the client brand process and is well designed to be engaging, productive and rewarding.


Web designing Course:-

At this digital era every company needs websites to reach their customers easily. More and more web applications are developed by using modern programming languages like PHP. You can learn web designing easily with sytel media, who covers:

• Introduction to HTML
• HTML Tags
• Structural Elements
• Attributes
• Formatting HTML documents
• Tables
• Linking Web Pages
• Working with Layouts
• Multimedia
• Managing forms
• Java scripts
• J query


Benefits of this Course:-

As Syntel media is coupled with our core Digital marketing teaching values and underpinned by our total commitment towards digital marketing we are recognize as leading Digital Marketing Training Institute Bangalore who are lending out successful digital marketers with every batch of teachings. As soon as you completed your digital marketing courses you will get certified from Google expert’s certification with our assistance.