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We are Syntel Media emerging as the best digital marketing company in Vignan Nagar, Bangalore.
Seamlessly incorporates innovation, consumer insight and thought leadership in
the form of digital strategies that reinvents your brand.

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Syntelmedia’s webhosting services will redefine your company in a whole new way. Right from domain name registration, leave all website in our hands.


Your website and your logo are the face of your business, literally which is why we make a thorough study of who you are, what you represent, what your values.


Syntelmedia is set to be the leading website design and development company in Bangalore. We specialize in creating websites that are the face of your company.



We at Syntel Media are a collective of experienced and dynamic SEO experts who optimize, integrate and structure your site’s navigation so it’s easy for people to find exactly what they want.


Social Media Marketing is not just about running ads on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter. Social Media Marketing is the extension of the ideology of being open and interacting with your valuable customers.


Pay Per Click advertising is the most cost economical way of advertising your business but like any other strategy PPC campaign has to be developed based on scientific principles.


Brand management across digital channels has now become a challenge for companies given the nature of the digital world in terms of speed. Syntel Media will give you 360 degree Branding solutions.


Despite companies going digital, print marketing collateral is still a big part of marketing. There is no dispute that printed materials are still the best ways to make an impression if the communication is face-to-face.

we are Syntel Media

Syntel Media is born out of a desire to make a difference in the area of digital marketing and social media marketing. From among the myriad digital marketing companies, we aim to stand out in terms of faster response, minimal risk and efficient strategy.

Our team has an average of 9 years of experience in digital marketing and SEO and we have all come together to create a group of passionate individuals who have similar goals in terms of integrity but bring in a variety of talents in the areas of advertising, branding, social media marketing, PPC, logo design, brochure design, content writing, web design and development, web hosting, print and marketing collaterals, database building, promotions, viral marketing, web marketing, and product campaigns.

Our strength lies in not just our experience and domain knowledge but in our ability to innovate and to look into the future. A comprehension of current technologies and potential expectations is vital for a company to not just reach the top but to stay there which is what we want.

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