28 Jun

Video Content to Overtake Written Content

The growing obsession with visual content, particularly video content, has triggered this perception of video overtaking written content. However, the significance of written element has still not waned and in fact it’s going to rule for long.

Until now content has been treated as the king, that served as the basis for your website. With time, demands and choice have also changed. People started prioritizing the incorporation of visual objects into the content and thus it paved the way for visual content market. With the advancement in the field of digitization, the quality and format of visual content also changed. From still image to motion object, the demand for visual content increasingly grew. As viewer were more easily able to comprehend a subject through its visual demonstration hence it was easy to grab their attention with it. Visual content gradually outpaced written content in terms of effectiveness, engagement and uniqueness and became the most valued format. The video content is the latest trend now, with popular sites and social media platforms exploring unique techniques to incorporate video content into their live feeds. Although video/visual content has become the most favoured content but that can’t downplay importance of written content.

Before we jump into the reasons of why written is going to rule for years to come, let’s first analyze in brief the importance of visual/video content.

How video content is important for your business: In this era of information overload it’s very important to appeal to your viewer with substance that is catchy, quick-to-view and informative. Video or any other form of visual content (image, infographic, meme) serves just the right, and hence all this madness about it. This new shift from traditional written content to visual content has also promoted engagement and drive sales. Visual content is more prompt in grabbing attention of users and engage them with brand idea. Effective visual content for social media also helps in increasing site traffic.

Now, why written content no way less important: Now that we have a basic understanding of the power of video content, let’s discuss about the benefit of written content.

Written content as a baseline: Written content serves as a baseline for most of the brands, with other forms of visuals like, infographics, images, memes, and videos serving as peripheral addition.

Time concern: We are in the age of instant and quick delivery, where sparing a pinch of time for buffer or streaming is just impossible. We rely on information that is prompt and seamless. A 5-minutes video can take much more time than a 500-words article, to serve you information.

Additional gadgets: If you are viewing a video clip then you have to carry additional gadgets like headphones to understand the context.

Not fan of video feeds: Although there is a growing obsession with videos or visual content, but there are many who still prefers to stick to the traditional written format.

Although there is a strong prediction of visual content overtaking written content, but nothing can overpower the benefits of written content.

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