12 May

Importance of High quality content

Significance of quality of your content is crucial while you dream of getting your site to the top zone of search engines. No matter how big or small is your content, the quality of it does matter, because it is the content that you offer to your viewers and if you fail to provide unique and interesting substance then in no time you can slip down in the race. That’s why probably they say, “Content is King”.

Until recent past, quality of content was scarcely evaluated and priority was set upon incorporating keywords, as many as possible. This logic however resulted in negative, producing irrelevant and sloppy stuffs. Keywords alone can’t push your page forward in search engines until and unless they have a meaningful and informative content. Even major search engines also evaluate sites according to its quality than quantity. This is also one of the prime aspects of Google’s optimization that sets it apart from other search engines, for its fetish for quality.

Here’s what you should look for while building your content:

Quality of content: Your site may contain text, images, memes, videos, or amalgamation of all. But it will not be accepted or acknowledged by your viewers unless they are good in quality. Quality substance not only draws attention of your user but also search engines, which are in a continuous process of evaluating quality of substance. Even ranking and preference of search engines also vary according to the search results that they provide. Google has retained its top position because of this one important reason.

Relevance: Relevance of material of content is very important. Make sure that your content provides information that the user is looking for. You can certainly put up an in-depth analysis on the subject or talk on the subject extensively, but you always need to adhere to the subject line. Break your content into separate categories if it becomes too lengthy, to break the monotony of wordy paragraphs.

Authenticity: Value of a unique piece of content is ultimate. Search Engines are unforgivable when it comes to authenticity. The search engines are working aggressively to bring in new tactics to deal with spam content or duplicate material. So to avoid getting into the blacklist of search engines it’s better and apparent to provide well-researched authentic content that is also informative and interesting.

Follow SEO laws: Although quality of content is the top most priority, however, importance of SEO can’t be overruled. Hence, we need to build content that abides by the SEO laws, so that your content performs well in search engines.

User experience: Whatever you do is ultimately for your user. Hence, providing great search experience to your user is necessary. To be ahead of all, you need to keep updating and modifying the design and flow of your content to offer a great user experience. Also, providing clean and lucid content is also very important to facilitate reading experience.

Now, as you step ahead with your content, always remember to value the quality over anything, as this will only help you survive and shine bright.


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